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"Austin Solar Screens FOR Less"

Solar Window Screen Pricing for your Austin TX Home Have you ever had Solar Screens ?

1) Solar screens are an extremely effective tool at helping to lower electricity bills in your home. They pay for themselves over time by helping to reduce your electricity costs.  They do this by eliminating the heat generated by the sun's rays from getting through a window. 
2) They are not an insulating product, rather they are a shading product for your windows. They do what a full healthy shade tree would do for you.

Solar Window Screens are the best shading device for your Austin TX home's windows. Solar Window Screens Austin Texas

3) Our Solar Window Screens come in a variety of colored fabric and frame colors. Five fabric and five frame color options.
4) The most effective sun shade screen fabric made is the Suntex fabric made by Phifer sun control producs which is what we use. The Suntex fabric comes in 80% and 90% shading densities in all five colors.

Solar Screens - Black 80% with White Frame Solar Screen Cedar Park TX installation - Chocolate 80% solar screen fabric with champagne frame.

5) Our Suntex sun shade fabric is made from a strong, vinyl-coated polyester yarn. It literally deflects the sun's rays away from your windows before they can heat the windows up.
6) An exterior window shading device (solar screens), keep the interior of your home MUCH cooler than the alternative, window tinting and window film.

Solar Window Screens - Black 80% with White Frame installed on Vynil Windows Solar Window Screen Installation - Round Rock Home, Grey solar screen fabric with Champagne Frame.

7) This is not true of window tint and window film as windows tinted with solar film get hot, as the sun reaches both layers of glass with its rays and heats up those layers of glass. That heat from a hot window and hot glass radiates into the house.  Our superb solar screen Austin sahding product provides outside shade for your windows so the windows are not able to get hot from the sun's rays.

Solar Screen Austin TX installation on RedBrick Home

These Solar Window Screens are a great investment.

8) The Suntex fabric that we use has the BEST outward visibility you can get for your solar window screen Austin Texas project.  You will not loose your view with our Austin solar screens like some may think. You will be able to clearly see outside during the day while no one can see in.
9) Solar Screens do not replace the need for blinds, as they do not provide privacy at night. 

10)  Instant cooling temperatures will prevail, and you can turn your thermostat down. Lower temperatures equal lower electricity bills.

11) On a minor, yet to some a very important note, solar screens will protect furniture, rugs, flooring, and other precious assets from fading, saving you even more money with longer usage times of these assets.  If you have hardwood floors, this is your answer to keep them from getting sun damage.  Also, many people have beautiful hand-made wood shutters, the sun wrecks havoc on wood shutters, shading those shutters ensures longevity.

12) Even your air conditioner will be unburdened from working incessantly at keeping your home cool, which could be seen as money being saved by prolonging the life of your A/C unit.

13) Solar screens can even add equity to the value of a home, so if you ever need to sell, you may very well have an advantage over the competition with the solar window screens.  Especially if you are showing the home during the Summer months.

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